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The Timeless Pleasure of Discovery

Dive into cultures that are brand new, diverse, or ancient depending upon where you travel. Request a Custom Vacation that allows you to see the life, art, and stories of American dreamers.

My Milestone Moments ® are …

Discovering Your Heritage

You recall your grandmother’s family stories and decide to hit the road for Amish country.  (The old schoolhouse feels faintly familiar.)  Your mother grew up in Seattle, and she wants to see the house where she was born.  Sadly, it’s now a frat house, but you have a terrific time exploring the San Juan Islands off Washington State.  Go find your American roots—it’s an enlightening surprise!

Group 21

Ancient Civilizations

Yes, America does have ancient civilizations. Alaska has been inhabited by the Aleutian Islanders for 3,000 years. The Arizona Hopi (they have a connection to Stonehenge) have lived here for 2,000 years as have the Acoma Puebloans in New Mexico. There are many more bands, and all are living records of ceremonies, magical thinking, medicinal herbs, and family traditions. You are invited to experience them.

Group 22

The Story of America

The story of America is rich with heroes and scoundrels, and the geography of America shaped them. Quakers, Irish, Scots, and English were formed by the snow-drifts and red-gold leaves of autumn—also by the heat and Spanish moss of the South. Let’s look at those who were left behind in the first myth, and discover the women, emigrants, and gold-seekers that westered. Everyone, from yellow to black, from Mexican to Mormon, and more, are fascinations that make us want to howl our love for this diverse home, America.

Group 42

Arts & Sciences

America is a country of innovators and artists that have, and continue to, influence the global community.  Imagine a space lab and observatories where you can track the stars.  Exploratorium’s with hands-on experiments.  International collections of musical instruments and costumes. Of course, local art scenes mirror the personality of every town, and there are extraordinary finds to bring home!

Group 24

Food & Wine

Wineries and rolling vineyards are a sumptuous pleasure.  Breweries and Spirits are yours, too.  Imagine harvesting the food for your meal.  Catching a salmon in Alaska. Local cheeses that you won’t find at home.  The eclectic nature of a down-home diner and good eats.  Elegant and distinctive fare.  Choosing travel based on what delights you might be your dream become reality.

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