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Come Home to New England

Sailing along the coastline is a favorite pastime, and so is bringing in a harvest of lobsters, hiking mountains, and walking sandy beaches. Come home to New England with one of our Authentic Itineraries or request a Custom Vacation.

The story of New England…

… is the beginning of America’s history. We travel to Boston and walk the same streets our ancestors walked in the 17th century. We go to Plymouth and imagine the Pilgrims landing. Far from the Crown, New Englanders governed themselves. The Crown took note. (Indigenous people were overwhelmed.) After 150-years of skirmishes, America fought and won its independence.

It truly was a Revolution. New England businesses boomed. Yankee Clippers sailed global ports, including China and South America. These days, we love New England’s 5,000-mile coastline and her maple trees. We revel in outdoor adventures—fishing, swimming, and sailing. Her fine food, brews, and humor are beyond compare. We fall down under the spell of her colors in autumn. Experience the spirit of New England.

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