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We are part of nature and this glorious world. Let’s howl at its miracle and wonder! Request a Custom Vacation that fulfills your adventurous fantasies.

My Milestone Moments ® are …


It feels good to get outdoors and nurture our wild side.  We thrill at kayaking in Alaskan waters and hiking through a redwood forest.  Canoeing a sliver of Northwestern river or rafting the Colorado.  Discovering ruins on a nature hike in red rock desert while a Red Tail Hawk catches thermals above us.  Imagine watching a coral sunset dip into the Pacific.  We are part of nature and this miraculous world.  Let’s howl its wonder.

Group 6-2


Our bodies were built for movement.  We love cool air on our skin as we bicycle back roads.  We are awed by mountains when we trek her canyons and ski her valleys. We admire the grace of a canoe dancing on a river or inland sea.  Adventuring outdoors is the time we best remember who we are.

Group 7


When we snap a picture in nature, we are forever capturing a world that’s in continuous motion.  A red leaf turning in the wind, just so.  The deer in a grove with its head raised. Bear cubs tumbling down a hill.  A guide who knows the secret homes of animals and landscape, who understands the language of shadow and color, is a true find.

Group 8

Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, happen because solar particles, at altitude, collide and become trapped in our atmosphere.  That’s the science.  The reality is the light show that wavers up astonishing colors of pale green, bright reds, and audacious shades of purple.  It leaves us breathless.  It makes us laugh as we did when we were five-years-old.  See them.

Group 9

Back Country Road Trip

Oh, to wander down a back road in America and see what has rarely been seen, or discover what time left behind.  A freeway is anonymous.  A back road tells us stories as it winds around a mountain, dips by a field of lupine, and rises to show us other roads, dirt roads, two-tracks leading to the unknown, begging to be explored.

Group 10



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