The Best of Ireland and Scotland... in One Trip

Discover Ireland and Scotland during the same vacation—they’re a perfect match. Separated at their narrowest point by only 12 miles, their ties are ancient. They share a Celtic history, culture, and language. They are the lands of castles, astonishing scenery, and fine whisky. The people are survivors—millions trace their roots back to the rugged Irish and Scottish Celts. Whether you choose to drive, want a private chauffeur, or prefer to take a tour bus, Authentic Vacations will make travel to Ireland and Scotland a beautiful reality.

Lands of Game of Thrones and Outlander

Together, Ireland and Scotland are home to more than 30,000 castles. Some bedazzle. Others bend to the ground while sheep graze their fallen walls. Regardless, castles fill us with awe. Both countries also share a fondness for whisky. We have records from the 15th century for the drink and, in both countries, the name for whisky was translated as ‘the water of life.’ Tour a distillery. It’s pure joy.

For jaw-dropping scenery, Ireland has the Wild Atlantic Way and Scotland the North Coast 500. Both have extraordinary vistas. The land tends to shape its citizens—in this case, neither the Scots nor the Irish take life too seriously. Both charm visitors with their friendly, open hospitality. Their native languages are similar. We suggest you learn just one word and it’s the same in both countries—‘sláinte.’ Pronounced ‘slawn-cha,’ it’s a hardy toast that means, “Health!”