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The Water of Life

We invite you into the secret world of Scotland’s love affair with whisky.  More than five hundred years ago, monks had fine distilleries.  The Scotch they produced was called uisge beatha, Gaelic for ‘water of life.’  The libation was favored by many, including King James IV.  (He was quite fond of whisky made on the dreamy Isle of Skye.) Henry VIII dissolved monasteries, and thousands of illegal distilleries were tucked into the countryside.

Foolishness ended, a farmer received the first distillery license in 1823 (that was Glenlivet) and the next year 4,350,000 gallons were produced. Now, fast forward to the present.  Imagine experiencing thirteen flavors of whisky. Unrivaled service in fine hotels. Castle keeps and craggy moors.  Wild red reindeer. Prepare to celebrate splendid whisky and all that is quintessentially Scotland.