The Pacific Northwest Fuels Your Senses

Oregon and Washington. . . The Pacific Northwest stirs our senses. Perhaps it’s the moisture in the air, but the colors are almost textured. This area was inhabited by indigenous people who thrived on plentiful seafood. We still savor wild salmon, halibut, shellfish, berries of all sorts, plus native fruits, vegetables and cheeses. We also love the microbreweries, wines, and ciders. Boats ferry us between islands. The region is blessed with diverse cultures and vibrant communities. The coast has black sand beaches and the interior has wild rivers and superb wineries. The art scene is cutting-edge and nature is treasured. Experience it.

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Washington, Oregon

The Pacific Northwest is more than Seattle and Portland, although they’re the engines. The region attracts people with the promise of innovation and a laid-back culture that glories when the sun comes out. Head east, over the Cascade Mountains, and you’re in cowboy country. Regardless of which side of the mountains you’re on, the people are adventurers who love the outdoors.

In 1805, the Lewis and Clark expedition reached Washington where the Snake and Clearwater Rivers meet. They practically flew down the Snake and Columbia River, and it became clear their goal was in sight—the Pacific Coast. Go to the Columbia River now. Feel her power. Imagine the explorer’s awe and their gratitude to the woman, Sacagawea, who was their guide, with full voting rights. Just do it.

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