EXCLUSIVE! 5-Night Norway's Mythic Northern Lights

Celebrate Every Moment

When we consider all we have to be grateful for, we would celebrate every single day of our lives. Still, some times are a special cause for joy. Request a unique Custom Vacation to celebrate your Milestone Moments!

My Milestone Moments ® are …

Cancer Free!

It’s been a long haul, but you just got a terrific phone call. The doctor said, “You are cancer free!” Gather the friends and family who’ve been on this journey with you, and hit the road. (You may want to drive a convertible.) Pamper yourselves at a spa. Go wine tasting. Play a game of cards. You are alive and you are well. Hooray!

Group 12-2

The Divorce is Final

You are free. You feel at loose ends and ecstatic, both. Take a breath. You’ve dreamed about travel, and now you can go for it. Plan something that’s just for you, no negotiations necessary. Want to learn fly-fishing? Head to the Rockies. Fantasized about soaring above a glacier? Yes . . . (And you might want to take a few friends.)

Group 14-3

Well-being & Rejuvenation

We’re pushed by deadlines and shoved by commitments. We live inside a beautiful body that bears the brunt of all that pushing and shoving. Stop. It’s time for some TLC. Natural mineral springs revive our spirits, as does the surrounding land. A resort and spa treatment is another way of telling our body we understand its needs. Feel whole again. It’s time. Breathe.

Group 16

Landmark Birthdays

She just turned 40, and sometimes she wants to forget about that. He just turned 50, and he’s checking off his accomplishments. They just turned 60, and it’s mind-boggling. Here’s what they all know: Travel is the best possible way to celebrate a milestone birthday. What better reason is there to get out your bucket list and start making plans?

Group 18


You’re not retiring from life, and you’re free to reinvent yourself. There is nothing like travel, and getting out of your routine, to open your eyes to the possibilities. Want to ride a dog sled? Fabulous! How about dipping into a hot springs, surrounded by snow, while the Northern lights put on a show? It’s time to let your imagination off the leash.

Group 20



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