America’s Premier Wine Country

Artisans craft wine from the oldest vineyards in America. Napa and Sonoma have led the resurgence of fine olive oils. Walk the streets of her small towns—if you’re lucky, a cheesemaker is next door to a European-style bakery. Indulge. Sit under sheltering California Oaks and feel this gentle earth, ripe with bounty. Drive to the wild Pacific, stopping to visit the redwood families, and dine on fresh seafood with peerless French bread. You’ve come to a place that’s truly blessed by nature.

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Napa County & Sonoma County, California

America’s premier wine country holds its own on the world stage of finest in every class. Napa is home to more than 200 wineries, some boutique and others you’ll see on the menus of upscale restaurants. Sonoma wine country is just west, over low hills that are the soft color of a lion’s paw. Sonoma’s wine country roads are, perhaps, easier to navigate—they range all the way past the redwoods to the Pacific.

Both areas have a colorful past. The Transcendental Movement in Napa was brought to life by Robert Louis Stevenson. Miners went to escape the cold of the Sierras. (The Indigenous people of both areas were brought to the edge of extinction.) Started by mountain men, the Bear Flag rebellion in Sonoma created a new country called California. The land is still a miracle of nature’s bounty.

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