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Irish Castles Make our Hearts Soar

Castles tug at our imaginations, and there are 30,000 of them that rise up from Ireland’s pastures and her vibrant cities.  Sometimes you drive over a small hill, and there is a tumbled castle, in all her ruined glory, with sheep munching the grass on her walls.  Other times, walking through a city, a castle etches the skyline and it takes your breath away.  Magnificent beyond words.

Can you stay in a castle?  Oh, yes you can, and in Ireland there are many welcoming possibilities. Consider a castle on the shores of a lake, ravens gliding overhead.  Perhaps a grand, gray lady with manicured grounds and genteel activities from days gone by would suit you.   Dine in a castle, and on the way to bed, place your hands against her cool walls.  You are instantly transported.