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WE ARE Authentic

We are the Super Heroes who leap tall buildings to make travel dreams happen! We are a team of Authentic thinkers, explorers, and adventure seekers who approach work and play with joy. Using our diverse abilities, we create authentic travel experiences that connect people, just like you, with our magnificent destinations.

Authentic Vacations Team Photo

What We Do

  • Customize Authentic affordable vacations
  • Go above and beyond
  • Put your best interests first
  • Expect exceptional reviews
  • Obsess over details
  • Value relationships
  • Exceed expectations
  • Innovate
  • Find those hidden gems
  • Volunteer in our communities


Simon Russell | CEO

Scotland-born, Simon is a world traveler who kickboxes, snowboards, hydrofoils, and goes after adventures in both business and life. Simon is also the owner of Ruben, our Authentic Adventure Dog!

Mary Beth Kelm | COO

Raised in the heart of muscle-car heaven, Mary Beth is a calm force! She moves the business forward fast, runs, hikes, golfs, skis, and yes… even drives fast at times. (Don’t tell anyone.)

Michaela | Head of Inside Sales & Customer Service

Our Celtic Original, Michaela is a master at fitting all the pieces together and raising her team up. Born in Ireland, her melodic accent and charm are a calming presence that reflects a big brain at work.

Michelle | Head of Sales - West Coast & Vancouver

Where in the world is Michelle? Either at her desk, traveling to create international relationships, or creating beauty in her kitchen. (We wouldn’t be surprised to see her on the Great British Bake Off!)

Robert | Finance Manager

As a CPA, Bob understands that being trustworthy is paramount, and he believes our clients deserve the absolute best. He loves the beach, is New Jersey-born, and eats pizza like an Italian. Working alongside Bob is fabulous Fabiola, who lifts us up with her care, commitment to Authentic Vacations, bright smile, and her positive spirit.

Head of Human Resources
Whitney | Head of Human Resources and Commercial

Travel is part of her spirit! As a little girl, she played a made-up game with her Dad using their living room globe called “Where in the World.” Ever since, after creating, operating, and selling a successful travel agency, travel remains a part of her. Whitney is a bright light who loves her dogs, traveling, pilates, sports, and all the finite details behind the scenes.

Josi | Head of Operations & Product

Stylish Josi is always dressed to the nines! Her laser focus helps her source the most unique lodgings and experiences available. She carefully works to give every client an Authentic touch.

Head of Sales - Rocky Mountains & Midwest
Kate | Head of Business Development

When she’s not busy building and supporting our business-to-business sales, Kate is on an adventure. She’s into hiking, paddleboarding, and horseback riding. A free spirit, she loves her family, friends, faith, bringing others joy, and… great Mexican food!

Pauline | Senior Graphic Designer

Another world traveler, Pauline is from France. Her accent is rich and her creative ability is amazing. She has a passion for photography, prepares delicious meals for family and friends, loves nature, and is unstoppable.

Our Destination
Travel Experts

Our Destination Experts make your travel dreams a reality. They are an international group, well-traveled, and raised in countries as diverse as the USA, Europe, New Zealand, and South Africa. In addition to English our team members speak Italian, German, French, Romanian and Irish. They are committed to creating joyous travel!

Kristina | Head of Sales - Eastern Seaboard & Toronto

With a father who was a pilot, and a flight attendant mom, Kristina was born to travel! When she’s not on the road or in the air, she enjoys exploring New Mexico, her current home, with her husband and her dog, Lenny.

Our Operations

Our Operations team is made up of dedicated specialists who work tirelessly behind the scenes to help make the magic happen and book everything from suites in castles to dinner reservations, and more, for our customers.

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