England, Our Beloved Ancestor

The England that was once home to people who hunted miniature rhinoceroses became the center of the British Empire, once ruling over ¼ of the earth.  She gave us the Magna Carta and Henry VIII. Sea shanties and the Beatles.  Stonehenge and Isaac Newton. The National Library, holding over 150 million items in every known language.  It’s a country with wild shorelines and rivers, medieval villages and vital cities.  A diverse landscape of people that treasure the past and thrill to innovation.  Truly, a visit to England is a journey through western civilization.

Relax and Renew in Ancient Bath

Bath, just south of London, is the home of buttered light, Roman ruins, and geothermal springs.  Giant statues grace the surrounding area, and the water still runs hot and steady.  Go below ground and walk the outer corridors.  Notice indulgent stone carvings of teasing nymphs. This was Rome’s destination spa, a cure-all oasis.

Bath is still a place of rejuvenation.  The Thermae Bath Spa is the only public thermal hot springs in England.  In a few easy blocks, you leave Rome behind and enter the Georgian world of Jane Austen—she lived in Bath for a time. The Somerset countryside brings a bounty of fresh food to the village—enjoy!  And Bath is very close to Stonehenge.  We like to imagine that Druids enjoyed the healing waters, too.