Heroic and Magnificent Scotland

Scotland is the land of heroes, royalty, and eccentric genius.  We cheer their warrior spirit, and we surrender to the romance of the Highlands. Like Ireland, it’s a country of castles—there were once 2,000 of them, dating from the 12th century.  We suggest you spend nights in a sublime castle and take a ramble through Edinburgh. Tantalize your senses with fine whisky and a stay on the mystical Isle of Skye. Discover the comfort and courage of Scotland—the home of dreamers welcomes you.

In the Path of Mary Queen of Scots

The story of Mary, Queen of Scots tugs at the sleeve of our imagination and pulls our heartstrings.  And, she probably holds the record for number of castles lived in.  She was born in Linlithgow Palace, just west of Edinburgh; crowned at Stirling Castle; gave birth to James VI in Edinburgh Castle; lived in Holyroodhouse, still home of the British Monarch; and imprisoned in Lochleven Castle.  She also knew the castles of France.

We are amazed by her life of family intrigue, love affairs, betrayals, and daring escapes.  Follow her footsteps, from Edinburgh to the Scottish coast, and it’s easy to understand why she’s prominent in countless movies and books.  Explore the castles that marked her destiny—they’re open to you.  Revel in the wild Scottish coastline.  Delight in the energy and cuisine of Edinburgh.  Remember the queen Scotland still holds dear.