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It’s time to travel in America and explore her endless possibilities. Mountains call us to outdoor adventures—they inspire us. Sometimes we hike trails, and occasionally a shaded path invites us into a world of trees, streams, and eagles. Red rock deserts blaze their sunsets across the sky, and coastlines tease us with charming towns and vineyards. Sacred spots of wellness welcome us. The pulse of America beats with culture and creativity. All are waiting to be discovered.
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America’s Love Affair with Travel

We are drawn to wild places.  We are seduced by the notion of getting in the car and exploring the unfamiliar world beyond our backyard.  Sometimes we want to travel within our own state, and other times the lure of adventuring to Alaska is strong.  We have built 2,678,000 miles of paved roads and 1,394,000 million miles of unpaved roads just so we could get from one place to another.  What will we find?

A trace where buffalo ran 1,000 years ago.  Rivers that carried mountain men to the ocean. Over there’s a trading post.  (Step inside, the walls are cool.)  In this town is a winery. Pure, liquid joy.  A hot spot where local music rocks the roof.  (Dance.) Down this boulevard, art glorifies the streets and stops at a food truck.  A farmer brings his harvest to an unexpected diner, and what you want is more. They are miracles and wonder, all.