It’s Scotland for a Mythic Honeymoon

Your honeymoon is the time for conjuring up future dreams and indulging in present pleasures.  Time for lounging late in bed and seeing the world with fresh eyes.  Consider the joy of discovering Edinburgh by day, delighting in a traditional country pub when evening rolls around, or dancing until first light in a misty, island dawn.  The spirits of Scotland are in love with love.  You will feel it.

Romance on the Isle of Skye

Unwind, turn off your busy lives, and let Scotland’s Isle of Skye magick your honeymoon.  Largest of the Inner Hebrides, Skye is infused with the mystery of prehistoric sites and of ancient Dunvegan castle, with its 1,000-year-old Fairy Flag.  Go on a seal boat trip, have a picnic, collect green, sky blue, and purple agates as a golden eagle soars above.

Explore remote craft villages—find something unique.  In the evening, savor freshly caught scallops, lobsters, crab, and fresh salmon.  Delight in wild produce collected from the hills and shorelines.  The mountaintops and ocean meet in a dramatic dance—walk the twilight shores.  Elegant enchantment will fill these days that mark the beginning of your life together.  Savor them.