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Lost Treasures and Wild Worlds

Nature went to New Zealand and broke all the rules.  Imagine the lost treasures of the Moa and wine-tasting at the top of the world.  Pristine beaches, naturalists, and the wisdom of Māori guides.  Stealing through a cave lit by torches and the ghosts of gold rush towns.  Top it off with Auckland, a dazzling city of 49 dormant volcanoes and 190 ethnicities.  Now you have really been somewhere extraordinary.

Eco-Friendly Stewart Island

Take a heady step back in time and visit a land with the tone of New Zealand before civilization arrived. Stewart Island, just a one-hour ferry ride from the country’s south island, is a peaceful sanctuary of secluded bays, rare birds, and guides who are passionate to share their wisdom and adventurous spirit with you. 80% of the island is protected as Rakiura National Park, making it a perfect eco-tourism destination.

Sail in a catamaran on the Tasman Sea past inlets, golden beaches, and forested hills that ring with the spirits of ancient tribespeople. Walk on the sand with delightful Kiwi birds while an albatross soars overhead. Perhaps catch a glimpse of Rakiura, a Māori word that means “glowing skies.” And do notice how bright the stars are here, just north of the Antarctic. Take the wonder home.