Italy’s La Dolce Vita

Italy raises pleasure to an art. Fine conversation, savoring a meal, indulging in hearty local wines and desserts—all of these are hallmarks of Italian life.  Italy has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than anywhere else in the world.  Since the dawn of time, people have loved her pristine lakes and rolling hillsides that grow vineyards, gardens, and orchards with ease.  In Italy, the rowdy sits comfortably next to the sacred. Her stunning wonders remind us to experience la dolce vita every day. It’s the sweet life.

Food, Wine, and Delicious Specialties

Only slighter larger than the state of Arizona, Italy’s vibrant regions vary in climate from the Alps to the sun-soaked south.  Each town is partly defined by their local cuisine. Traditional meals include hearty food from the alps, influenced by Austria. In Venice, Sardinia, and Sicily, look for seafood.  While in Florence, rich bean soups, pâté, and exceptional beef are on the menu. Head down to Naples, and you’ll delight in a classic Mediterranean diet.  In Northwest Italy, the truffles and polenta are divine.

Each region also has a surprising array of sweets, including every flavor of gelato imaginable and heavenly pastries.  Of course, wine and Italy are a natural pair.  (Vineyards even roll up rocky cliffs.)  The Tuscany, Piedmont, and Veneto regions are the most well-known, but hidden-gem towns often have specialty wines.  For example, Sorrento’s Limoncello, made from nearby lemon orchards, is often served, no charge, even with pizza. When in Italy, say YES to every taste sensation!