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Pasta for Every Palate

Every region of Italy has unique pasta shapes and tastes. There are over 400 kinds, and many pastas have more than one name, with a slight recipe tweak. From the Lombard region, we have Ravioli di Zucca. With butternut squash and crushed amaretti, it’s an autumn favorite. When in the Piedmont, try Agnolotti del Plin, pockets pinched and stuffed with veal, served with a butter sauce and truffles. In Veneto, a favorite is Bigoli. This thick buckwheat pasta is ideal for picking up lots of sauce. In Central Italy, glorious Tuscany is home to Pici pasta, while Umbria’s Strangozzi pairs with truffles or meat ragú. In Southern Italy, Casarecce is pasta with curled edges covered with a tomato and almond pesto sauce. When in Italy, you can eat dishes with standard Bolognese, but why would you? This is the time for signature meals that are pure pleasure.