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Dreamy Islands in the Lakes

Castles, riotous gardens, mountain views, and pastel villas etched against an evening sky—all these are part of the mystical isles of the Lakes Region. Isole di Brissago is a phantom island, barely a speck, in Lake Maggiore. Its 19th century botanical gardens include yuccas, agaves, and 1,700 other species. Isola Bella, queen of the Borromean Islands, has a sumptuous palace. Isola Comacina, Lake Como’s only island, was once a medieval settlement. The private Isola del Garda has a neo-Gothic Venetian villa. Isola Madre speaks of a decadent past and Isola Superiore, both part of Maggiore’s Borromean’s, is still a humble fishing village. The architect Palladio designed the 16th century church and monastery on San Giorgio Maggiore—they are his gems. Each island is a distinct treasure.