The Dazzling Northern Destination

Icelanders are innovators, pioneers, and artists. Natural forces are part of daily life.  90% of homes are heated with geothermal energy. Bathing in a natural hot spring is where you run into friends. Volcanoes rise and pierce a pink sky.  You take a tractor-drawn cart for wildlife encounters.  Discover 23 species of whales off the coast, see puffins, and explore ice caves. Kayak on glacial lagoons and feel truly alive!  All are welcome here.

Reykjavik’s Cuisine and Café Culture

The final frontier in the Subarctic is Reykjavik, Iceland’s cosmopolitan capital.  There are winning museums, festivals all year around, and a thriving guild for craftspeople. Local food-finds include veggies, lamb, herbs, and seafood.  At the harbor, stop into the chocolate factory—it is beyond words. But, whatever you do, sample the bohemian cafés downtown.

Coffee is a passion in Iceland, and there is a café on every corner. Pick one with a comfy chair and open a book.  Walk across the street for a mocha.  Sublime. When evening rolls around, these sweet spots often turn into cafes with bars, dinner menus, and rowdy music.  Imagine Ethiopian and Moroccan food.  It’s yours.  Mexican?  Absolutely. Some cafes slow down around 4 a.m.  Because of Reykjavik’s size, there’s an earthy, community vibe.  Let go.  Be part of it.