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Where is the Best Salmon Fishing in Alaska?

Cast your line, and fish for the finest salmon in the world—you’re in Alaska! Adventure here is raw, real, and exceptional. It arouses our senses. We remember that we’re part of this earth, and that we don’t own it. Imagine going into a wilderness area that gets fewer visitors than the International Space Station. Think about bears, moose, elk, and wild salmon. Now wade into a pristine river at dawn—the waters are clear, and moisture fills the air.

Salmon Fishing in Alaska

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The water is clear forest green in places and it’s aqua in others. The rivers are filled with life—you can feel it. Some people go to Alaska every year to fish, it becomes an exuberant addiction, and most would say that salmon fishing is the adventure that tops all.

You’ll want to hire an experienced guide for several reasons. First, they know where the best spots are, and you’re not likely to find them by just wandering around. (This is especially true if there’s a particular type of salmon you’re after.) Second, the best places to fish are in the wilderness. It’s not wise to go into unfamiliar territory alone. Your guide knows animal tracks, and he or she knows the bend or breaks on branches, both signs of wildlife that you either want to view or avoid. Put yourself in good hands, and you’ll be able to best appreciate, and experience, endless angling possibilities.

Consider fishing in the Kenai River. Tumbling out of Kenai Lake, the river flows seventeen miles through the Chugach National Forest and the Kenai National Wildlife refuge before it bursts into Skilak, a huge glacial lake. (No motors are allowed on the Upper Kenai River. This drift-only run is a sanctuary.) And here is the lure—the entire length is spawning grounds for millions of Pacific salmon. The Upper Kenai is terrific for beginners and experts. It’s pure pleasure for all.

For those passionate about fishing, Alaska is an unrivaled paradise. Imagine more coastline than the entire Lower 48 states along with thousands of lakes. Imagine scenery that pulls at your heart and nurtures your soul. Alyeska, the Aleut name for Alaska, means “Great Land.” If you’re an angler who dreams of salmon fishing, go!

If fishing in Alaska is a dream, ask your Destination Expert and feel your life expand.