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Our Small Guided Vacations are the Definition of Ease

We are your guided tour specialists in Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, Italy, and the Nordic countries. With 18 people or fewer on each tour, expect personalized service, attention, and an insider’s view into the culture, cuisine, and the scenic wonders of your chosen destination. All accommodations are unique an boutique, the heart of elegant ease.

A Perfect Balance

Our small tours have a maximum of 18 people. This creates an intimate environment where you can feel free to ask your personal tour guide as many questions as you like. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to gather with your fellow travelers and share the day’s excitement. Leisure time is always built into our schedules. We feel this creates a perfect balance of time on your own, and time to celebrate with each other. Cheers!


Connect With Destinations

Your personal driver and local guide give you the freedom to relax and be taken care of. Our guided vacations eliminate the stress of navigating the roads in a different country. Experience spontaneous moments of unscheduled stops, and listen to your guide’s stories with rapt attention. Surrender to the rhythm of music. Be amazed by the landscapes and cultural beauty. Come away learning how connected we are with other people, the land, and cultures throughout time. Treasure the ease of authentic travel.


Discover Awe-Inspiring Nature

Of course, your private guide and driver will make sure you see the natural highlights of your destinations. They will also take you on byways that often aren’t covered by others. Expect to see breathtaking coasts, fields with hidden castles and lowing cattle or reindeer, brilliant blue fjords, mysterious islands, magnificent mountains that protect gentle valleys, and tumbling oceans, rivers, and waterfalls. You will have nature at her finest.


Local Life and Authentic Culture

Dive deep into the culture of ancient villages and modern, vibrant cities. Imagine cooking in a chef’s home kitchen, shopping with a local, hearing the secrets of historic events and places, as well as the loves and losses that created a destination’s current lifestyle. Our authentic experiences will give you lasting memories to share when you get home. It is, in fact, the story of a people that makes a place unique.


Take Your Time and Enjoy

We understand the importance of time to linger, the importance of time to wander and explore. We are honored to create journeys that give you space to ramble through Georgian homes, put your hands on medieval walls, stand in awe as you watch whales breach the surface of the sea, or see the Northern Lights paint a winter sky. There is no reason to rush. This is your time.


Your Excellent Guides

We have been working with local guides since our inception, more than two decades ago. It is our belief that you deserve the best drivers and local guides, and we have that. Because our tours take less people, our local guides are well-versed in personal service and attention to detail. They are personable, warm, and knowledgeable. Their stories and acumen are meant to amaze and enlighten you. Enjoy it all.


All our Small Guided Vacations Include

  • Maximum 18 Passengers
  • Private Local Guide & Driver
  • Unique & Boutique Accommodations
  • Distinctive Experiences
  • Luxury Touring
  • Portage Throughout
  • Exceptional Destinations
  • Guaranteed Departures