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Authentic Vacations Presents Visual Storytelling with Pizzazz

Posted September 21, 2020

Authentic Vacations Presents Visual Storytelling with Pizzazz

Infographics—The Power of Picture, Story, and Travel


“Infographics” is a somewhat awkward word for a very fluid form of storytelling.  Authentic Vacations has created seventeen infographic pieces for their top travel destinations. They tell a story that connects a reader to the distinctive aspect of a place, best imagined through the intertwining of imagery and story.

“We started creating infographics for our clients during these challenging times to help inspire and inform them when we felt words and images, separately, didn’t depict the full flavor of an area,” says Allegra Lynch, President of Authentic Vacations.  “Our goal is to customize travel that is peaceful and intriguing, inspiring and vibrant.  The full power of story does that exceptionally well.”


Using atmospheric images and words, Authentic Vacations invites their clients and travel advisors to imagine seeing Australia’s unique wildlife and New Zealand’s glorious beaches.  For a stroll inside the mystery, Ireland’s most unusual castles, the secret of Scotland’s kilts, Wales’s spectacular waterfalls, and following a path through England’s gardens is just the ticket.

Scandinavia’s folklore, Iceland’s natural hot springs (especially while watching the Northern Lights), and the Lakes of Northern Italy stirs our senses. Now, with many people’s desire to explore the USA rekindled, we might swing into the wonder of the Southeast’s brilliant music, New England’s lighthouses, California’s wine country, and hidden gems of the Pacific Northwest

Many of us want to get into nature.  “For those travelers, we suggest taking a look at Alaska’s salmon fishing or the wildflowers of the Rocky Mountains and wild birds of the Southwest.” Lynch tells us. “Each infographic can easily be shared.  We hope they inspire an awareness of possibilities that can be met only through travel and local experiences.”

Authentic Vacations is doing their part to make travel affordable.  “We believe in travel as an instrument for good in building relationships and understanding,” Lynch reported, “and so we created a travel layaway plan.”  The plan costs nothing for clients to use, and the payments are entirely flexible.

Authentic Vacations encourages giving their infographics to friends, family, educators, and posting on social media sites.  Authentic Vacations uses them on their website and on Pinterest.  To check them out, visit Authentic Vacations’ Travel Advice Blog—have fun!

“Planning a vacation is exciting, and how better to share this excitement than through stories and images?” Lynch states. “These are for all dreamers of travel.”

Authentic Vacations has arranged over 200,000 trips and is a trusted member of USTOA, IATA, ASTA, and Travel Leaders.