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How to Celebrate Love in Ireland?

Delight in this series of Travel Romance stories written by our Authentic storyteller, each crafted uniquely for you, our customers, to inspire your travel plans. Enjoy!

Castles, Moonlight & You

Sarah and Richard walked together through the castle gates, walked as if they’d known this path since the moon first yawned good-night. The Shannon River tumbled past, filling the air with mist.

They had called a time-out and emptied two weeks on their calendars of everything but each other. What better place, they’d thought, to indulge in a romantic getaway than a castle in Ireland. The two remembered. They laughed.  And the world felt real again.

We make time in our lives for romantic getaways because they lead us back to what’s important. There is no better place for this than Ireland, the country that’s in love with love.

Ireland Sparks the Flame

She dreamed of a honeymoon in Ireland, and he didn’t care where they went—he was that much in love with her. But still, he was curious, and he said to her, “Angela, why Ireland?  Tell me everything.”

“Everything would take too long, but… close your eyes, please.” He did that. She closed her eyes, too.

“Imagine nights spent in castles and horseback riding on a goldenrod beach. A secluded retreat with a spa full of wonder, and rowdy fun in an Irish pub. Now, we’re. . . “

He kissed her eyes open. “Let’s do it.”

Ireland was built for honeymoons, and we are honored to create the romantic dream of your choice. Let’s do it.

Because You’re Still in Love

It was their turn. They had taken care of family, had loved, cried, and howled together at the beauty and scary parts of the whole dance. One evening, cozy by a fire, the light changed. They saw each other as they had been for the first time. And that called for a celebration.

“I have a wild-hair idea,” Daniel said. “Let’s have a grand adventure and renew our vows!”

“I love your wild-hair ideas.” What Sharon loved was the madman inside his tender heart.

Separated at their narrowest point, Ireland and Scotland are only 12 miles apart. They are the geography of a couple that time has polished to a shine.  Renew your vows while exploring Ireland and Scotland. Like you, they’re a perfect match.

The Music of Romance

One couple sits in a cozy corner of the pub—the man rubs her ring.  Over there, two people glow, laughing with a young pair they just met at their hotel.  A fisherman sits at the bar.  Slick-silver stories fill his belly.

Then the band tunes up.  The bodhran beats.  Guitars purr. Voices rise. By midnight they’ve shaken the stars out of the wild Atlantic sky.  Shadows walk back to their beds.

All bask in thoughts of romance.  Those thoughts will become memories to be told for years over tables and babies’ heads. Do bring your romantic dreams to Ireland and Scotland, the countries in love with love.

Regardless of why they traveled, each couple is wild with dreams of a future fueled by romance.  Give yourself to love!  We’ll take care of the details. GET A QUOTE