Travel Advisor Portal & Trip Planner FAQ

I. YOU DESIGN IT: Trip Planner Instant FIT’s, PDF’s, Quotes & Bookings

Q. When I design an INSTANT white label PDF & FIT Quote using the Trip Planner, and email it to myself, will it appear in My Account?

A. When you RESERVE a vacation for your client using our Trip Planner and $99.00 price guarantee, the reservation will show in your MY Bookings resource section of our Travel Advisor Portal. To SAVE FIT Quotes that you design using the Trip Planner, simply click “Save to My Trips” within the Trip Planner, and your trips will be saved for up to 30 days.

Q. How does the Trip Planner $99.00 Price Guarantee & 7-Day Refundable Deposit work?

A. When you design and reserve your client’s vacation using our Trip Planner App, we guarantee the price from 7-days of the date that you reserve the trip with a credit card. During this time, you’ll connect with your Authentic Travel Expert to refine the vacation if needed and finalize their plans. Should your client decide not to proceed with the vacation, we will refund the $99 within the same 7-day time period. The price guarantee does not apply if your client requests changes to the original itinerary.    

Note: Within 30 days of reserving a vacation for $99.00 using the Trip Planner App, the remaining 20% non-refundable deposit is due, and our standard policies for rebooking, cancellations, etc., apply.

II. WE DESIGN IT: Custom Quote Form

Q. Which type of quote requests should I use this form for?

A. When you do not need a quote within 48 hours, or for group requests, we recommend using our Custom Quote Form. Please note: Due to high travel demand, it currently takes 48-72+ hours, or more, to prepare a custom quote for your clients, depending upon its complexity.

III. Travel Layaway Plan

Q.  How does the Travel Layaway Plan work?

A. This is our no-cost, no-credit check or qualifying payment plan that we’ve created to help clients get exactly the vacation they want. This plan gives customers the opportunity to pay for their vacation on a phased payment plan of their choosing, starting with as little as a 20% initial deposit. No automatic withdrawals from their credit card or bank—their payment structure is completely up to them. There’s only one rule, regarding time: their balance must be paid-in-full 30 days before departure.

The Travel Layaway Plan applies only to the land portion of their vacation, it does not include airfare, nor is it valid for group tours of eight passengers or more, or for escorted tours.