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New Fall and Winter USA Vacation Options

Posted July 20, 2020

New Fall and Winter USA Vacation Options

All the Resources Needed to Travel Again


We’re ready to travel, more than ready, and we want to feel safe while doing it. It’s time to dig deep for innovative solutions to satisfy our urge to go. Authentic Vacations has created inspirational itineraries in the USA for this fall and winter, ones that will make us feel alive again and spark our creativity. According to AAA, the road trip is still alive and well, with only a slight decline from previous years.

But, most travelers want to know where they’re staying ahead of time, and many feel confused about their options. Authentic Vacations has come forward to fill the information void.

Acadia National Park, Maine

Autumn Sunrise overlooking Jordon Pond from North Bubble in Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine | Credit: Maine Office of Tourism.

“Regardless of how our clients are getting to their destination, many of them want to stay in cabins, casita’s, private homes, condos, upscale resorts, and back-country lodges,” says Allegra Lynch, President of Authentic Vacations.  “We have created a new portfolio of accommodations for the US market to fulfill our clients’ current needs in seven major regions of the United States.”

And, in a way that’s unlike any other business in their industry, they’re also making travel affordable.  “We believe in the power of travel.  We believe in travel as an instrument for good in building relationships and understanding,” Lynch reported.  “To this end, we created the Authentic Travel Layaway Plan.”

The plan costs nothing for clients to use.  After booking their vacation, they receive a private portal, make payments toward their travel whenever they choose, and they pay the amount they want. There are no automatic withdrawals from a credit card or bank—the payment structure is entirely flexible, as long as the final balance is paid six weeks before departure. 

The goal?  Lynch says they want to make travel accessible to those who can’t afford a one-time outlay.  “We’re doing what we can to get people moving again. To see the world.   To connect with nature and people they love.  Money shouldn’t stand in the way of those dreams.”

Authentic Vacations, in business for two decades, is now, more than ever, positioned to serve their clients.  Their tag line, “We do the research, planning, and booking for the vacation that you want” is a particular boon.  Travel remains an extraordinary path to discovery, joy, and healing.  Authentic Vacations has stepped to the plate in being the go-to resource for today’s travel environment.

Authentic Vacations has arranged over 200,000 trips and is a trusted member of USTOA, IATA, ASTA, and Travel Leaders.  Lynch is buoyed by the present challenge.