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Discover America Again

Posted May 19, 2020

It’s Time for Us to Discover America Again


With limits to international travel and ever-fluctuating travel dates it’s time for innovative solutions. America is opening up and domestic travel, as we know it, is in for some big changes. Let’s take a look at our own country the way that outsiders do.

As wild as Alaska is, it is accessible. Imagine climbing into a helicopter, landing on a glacier, and taking a dog sled. (Follow that up with a visit to Husky puppies.) How about rafting down the glorious Snake River and going on a wildlife safari in Yellowstone? Just a few miles away, catch the alpenglow on the Tetons. Extraordinary. Maybe you just need to unwind and renew. California’s wine country is as glorious as Italy’s.

Authentic Vacations, in business for twenty years, has just launched Authentic America. “We’re looking for travel solutions and options,” says Authentic’s President, Allegra Lynch. “Research tells us that we often travel for, what we are calling, milestone moments. We want a reunion with our family. Maybe a friend has discovered she’s cancer-free and we’d like to share that joy together. Perhaps we want to immerse ourselves in new cultural experiences.”

Will that work for people who are used to the excitement of Europe? Over the last few years, many of the best-loved places have become over-crowded. Not so in America. And how about the fact that America is reopening at different rates? “We’ve got a finger on the pulse of restrictions and timing. We’re set up for this.” Where is Lynch going to vacation? “I’ve traveled to Europe three or four times each year for the past two decades. This year, I’ve planned some spa time, and adventure time, in the Pacific Northwest. I never thought of myself travelling in America, but now? I am amazed at the destinations and experiences that are available!”

It’s time to look at changes in travel as an opportunity to explore, and support, this diverse home of ours, America.