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Authentic Vacations Welcomes Kristina Zito

Posted September 5th, 2023

Authentic Vacations Welcomes Kristina Zito

Authentic Vacations is pleased to announce the addition of Kristina Zito; we are happy to welcome her as the newest member of the business development team taking the position of Head of Sales, Eastern Region. Kristina will be responsible for developing and supporting new, Authentic business opportunities for travel advisors, particularly on the East Coast of North America.


Kristina is an esteemed member of the travel industry. She spent the last six years with Blue Roads Touring and Top Deck as their North America Business Development Manager. While there, she was a global top seller, each year increasing revenue over the previous year. Her goals, among others, are to increase brand awareness, execute strategic marketing strategies, support and participate in trade shows, and introduce new Authentic Vacation products to the marketplace. Kristina’s experience will be an extraordinary asset as Authentic Vacations expands their luxurious Small Guided Vacations.

With a father who was a pilot, and a flight attendant mom, Kristina was born to travel! (She was also a flight attendant.) She has moved her way up in the travel industry, working for resorts, airlines, and now specializing in European touring. “One thing amongst many I have learned while traveling is even if we don’t speak the same language, we all speak the language of hospitality and gratitude.” When not traveling, Kristina loves exploring New Mexico, her current home, with her husband and her dog, Lenny.

“We are continuously growing our support and efforts for travel advisors,” says Mary Beth Kelm, COO of Authentic Vacations, “so we are particularly honored to have Kristina with us. Her relationships, and excellent reputation, to encourage, train, care for, and support her accounts fit our business culture: To exceed clients’ expectations. Her talents will be invaluable to our Authentic Vacations’ team.

“Along with Michelle Bartlett, who covers the West Coast, South, Southeast and Kate Heath, covering the Central and Midwest region, we know Kristina will further enable us to constantly, and consistently, improve Authentic Vacations position in the fluid travel market. We look forward to her helping us make an Authentic, and distinctive, difference in the marketplace.”

Authentic Vacations expanded, even during the pandemic, and is a proud member of TPG (Tour Partner Group). Their niche is creating luxury small, guided vacations, creating custom tours, and offering planned, customized itineraries. Authentic has won numerous Magellan awards, and is known in the industry for flexibility, fast turn-around time, superior customer support, steady growth, and marketing that meets current trends and demands.

“Our goals at Authentic Vacations are always to build upon our successes, increase brand awareness, and to do business in a way that ensures repeat clients. We know that Kristina is an ideal fit in the present, and for moving into the future.”

Authentic Vacations has arranged over 200,000 trips and is a trusted member of ASTA, ITOA, and part of the UK based leading destination management company Tour Partner Group. They are affiliated with Tourism Ireland, Visit Britain, Visit Scotland, Cymru Wales, Italia, Australia, and New Zealand.

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