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Authentic Vacations Celebrates Their Community

Posted December 14, 2023

Authentic Vacations Celebrates Their Community

Company Values Become Community Actions.


This holiday season Authentic Vacations was honored to give back to their community by taking part in several events. “We have employees and contractors from all over the globe, but Scottsdale, Arizona is our home base,” says Mary Beth Kelm, COO of Authentic Vacations. “Each December we gather to review the year and create goals and plans for the upcoming year. It’s a time that’s filled with joy, gratitude, and appreciation.”

For Authentic Vacations, it’s also become a tradition to pitch in and volunteer in the community. In the past, the company has been involved in planting trees to create green space in the city and in grade schools, providing welcome shade and beauty. We were also happy to work with Feed My Starving Children, putting together nutritional meals for children.

This year, the business volunteered to work with several organizations. They co-sponsored an event with ASTA, The American Society of Travel Advisors, to support the health and safety of animals in need. Donations of pet food, toys, and blankets were collected for animals in shelters, as well as for people who have pets and are having a difficult time affording their food.

Authentic also volunteered with a local organization, Brick by Brick. This program was developed, and coordinated, by Scottsdale’s Human Services department. Brick by Brick’s volunteers make compressed earth from local soil and concrete sand. These blocks (CEB) are an energy efficient building material used to build cooling ramadas, restrooms, tiny homes, and affordable housing.

“As travel professionals, we are well aware of the importance of sustainable building methods and eco-practices, and we were thrilled to volunteer for this local agency,” says Kelm. “Because we engage with people globally, it feels right to be involved in an activity that has a positive impact not only on our community, but on the world.”

Other members of the Authentic Vacations’ family took part in Operation Fix It: Neighbors Helping Neighbors. This program works with dedicated volunteers, as well as city staff, to help qualified homeowners or tenants who are physically or financially unable to maintain their property. The program depends upon local businesses and volunteers to provide labor and materials. According to them, “Operation Fix It provides an innovative approach to replenish and renew properties that have fallen on challenging times. As neighbors helping neighbors… our supportive volunteers work together to provide this meaningful community service.”

“This year,” says Mary Beth Kelm, “we decided to up our efforts to give back to our community. It strengthened our personal bonds, and every one of us experienced the kind of inner peace that happens when you know you’re making a positive difference at home as well as abroad.”

Authentic Vacations is a proud member of the UK-based leading destination management company, Tour Partner Group. Their niche is creating exclusive Small Guided Vacations, custom tours, and offering customized itineraries. They have arranged over 200,000 trips and are a trusted member of ASTA and ITOA. Authentic is affiliated with Tourism Ireland, Visit Britain, Visit Scotland, Cymru Wales, Italia, Australia, and New Zealand.