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Authentic America Travel Receives Prestigious Award

Posted November 16, 2020

Authentic America Travel Receives Prestigious Award

Authentic Vacations Creates Custom USA Trips


Authentic Vacations has just won two Magellan Awards, one gold and one silver. They’re especially honored to receive the Magellan gold for the new Authentic America component of their business and website. The Magellan is the travel industry’s premier award for top professionals with client satisfaction.

Magellan Gold Award Winner

“And, in celebration of America’s finest holiday tradition this month,” says Allegra Lynch, President of Authentic Vacations, “travelers can discover America by booking travel with only a $99 deposit, per person, by November 30th. This is for any USA destination—it’s time to experience the joy of exploring America!”

“This year was, of course, a challenge. In the spring, we were met with changes in the way we moved around the world almost every day,” states Lynch. “We decided to get in front of the news cycle and offer time-honored American destinations, emphasizing secret spots in each, with an eye to our clients’ comfort and safety. We had both fly/drive and classic road trips in mind.”

Their first goal was to divide the USA into geographical areas that have similar weather, history, cuisine, and culture. Their next was to listen to what their clients wanted and build tours that exceeded their expectations. Authentic Vacations currently offers American travel in Alaska; the Southeast; the American Southwest; the Rocky Mountains; the Pacific Northwest; California’s wine country; and New England.

“Putting this together was a joint effort that involved every employee, from top management to the newest team member. Every voice was important to the process, and our ability to work together is, I believe, why we came out with an excellent product.”

Authentic Vacations also created Authentic Stays as a way for clients to know that lodgings in their destination were safe and had rigorous cleaning standards. 

“We have vetted luxury eco-pods, hand-hewn cabins, private estates, resorts, and hotels of distinction,” says Lynch. “Imagine staying in a lighthouse, a cozy igloo, or a yacht. We’re excited to offer unique stays for families, couples, and small groups,” Lynch says. “Our mission is to lay the groundwork for memories that will last a lifetime, and this fulfills that goal.”

Every Authentic America itinerary is inspirational and 100% customizable. Customization does not make a vacation more expensive. This is one of the most extraordinary features about Authentic Vacations and Authentic America.

They are also doing their part to make travel affordable. “We believe in the power of travel. We believe in travel as an instrument for good in building relationships and understanding,” Lynch reported, “and so we created a no-cost travel layaway plan. We’re doing what we can to get people moving again. To connect with nature and the people they love. Money shouldn’t stand in the way of those dreams.”

Authentic Vacations, in business for two decades, is excited about the possibilities they see with Authentic America. Their tag line, “We do the research, planning, and booking for the vacation that you want,” works exceptionally well.

“We’re thrilled about receiving the Magellan gold for Authentic America, and we encourage our clients to go wild. To imagine the America they’ve always dreamed about.  Salmon fishing and the northern lights in Alaska, red-hot cool jazz in the Southeast, the magnificent Rockies and wild Southwest—all destinations are waiting to share their secrets with enthusiastic travelers. And through November, any fantasy can become reality with just a $99 deposit. It’s a terrific time to plan future travel!”

Authentic Vacations has arranged over 200,000 trips and is a trusted member of USTOA, IATA, ASTA, and Travel Leaders.