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Risk-Free Booking Policy – No Cancellation or Change Fees!

Risk-Free Booking Policy – No Cancellation or Change Fees!:

Reserve your Ireland vacation with only a 20% deposit and be protected by our Risk-Free Booking Policy.  With this policy you are protected against certain cancellation and change fees.  

– Once payment has been made and your reservations have been confirmed, your 20% deposit becomes nonrefundable.
– However, if your vacation is to Ireland only, and you cancel more than 2 weeks prior to the start thereof, you may avail of our Risk-Free Cancellation Policy.
– Please note that our Risk-Free policy only applies to the Land Cost portion of your Ireland vacation. Flight costs are non-refundable, although your ticketed dates may be changeable for a fee.

Risk-Free Details: Life happens, we all know that. If you need to cancel your Ireland vacation up to 14 days before your start date, you may reschedule within 365 days with no cancellation fees.  We want your travels to be stress-free and happy. No worries, no pressure.  Just relaxation and wonder… That’s what travel is aboutIf you need to reschedule your vacation, we will not charge you a change or cancellation fee. We will instead apply your nonrefundable deposit to your new vacation dates.

Cancelled Vacations (Not Rescheduled): If you cancel your vacation, and do not wish to reschedule for a future date, please refer to our policy below on Cancellation Penalties.

Cancellation Penalties: If you are unable to reschedule your vacation, the following penalties will apply, depending on the timing of your cancellation:

  • – More than 6 weeks prior to your arrival date: 20% of your Total Tour Cost
  • – 4 to 6 weeks prior: 40% of your Total Tour Cost
  • – 2 to 4 weeks prior: 60% of your Total Tour Cost
  • – 1 to 2 weeks prior: 80% of your Total Tour Cost
  • – Less than 1 week prior: 90% of your Total Tour Cost
  • – During your vacation: 100% of your Total Tour Cost

Please note: The above cancellation charges also apply to Vacation Rentals & Scotland/UK Vacations. Only Ireland self-drive vacations are eligible for our risk free cancellation policy. For Escorted Bus & Group Tour policies, please see the relevant sections on this page.

We need written confirmation if you will be cancelling your trip.  Please email or agent or to confirm your cancellation.