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Car Rental Policies – Ireland

Car Rental Policies – Ireland:

Our car rental providers have the newest fleets of automobiles in the country. We offer compact to SUV size automobiles with either automatic or stick-shift (manual) transmission. Your comfort and safety is our priority.

Car rental includes 3rd party insurance, Reduced Excess (Deductible) Insurance (the best policy offered in the industry – see below for important, detailed info!), unlimited mileage, airport surcharge, 24-hour roadside assistance and all taxes. There are no hidden costs or taxes! These extras are not included in prices quoted by many of our competitors, which is worth bearing in mind when comparing prices.

The price quoted is for a specific number of days car rental. If, for example, you are staying in Ireland for 8 nights, your car will be rented for 8 full days. If you return the car after 9 rather than 8 days (i.e. – you exceed your allotment of 8 x 24-hour periods), your credit card will be charged for the extra days rental by your Car Rental Provider.
Please note that we do not include a rental car while you are staying in Dublin City, unless one is specifically requested. Dublin is difficult to navigate and expensive for parking. It is a compact city with good public transportation.

License Requirements Driver must be in possession of a valid driver’s license for at least two years. An international driver’s license is not required if you are a US, Canadian or EU citizen. The primary driver must be the holder of a major credit card – this cannot be a debit card with a visa/mastercard symbol.

Minimum Driver Age: 25
Must be 28 or older to rent a minivan. 25 for all other car types.

Underage Drivers: 23-24
Drivers aged 23 or 24 are eligible to rent an Economy size vehicle. A young driver surcharge of 26.00 euro per day will apply, and be payable directly to the rental agency when collecting your vehicle

Drivers over 75:
Drivers over the age of 75 will require additional documentation. Please contact us for further information.

GPS Units:
GPS Units are available to rent at most locations, at an additional approximate cost of 16:00 Euro per day. If you wish to reserve a GPS device, please contact your agent as this item needs to be booked in advance.

Child Seats:
Child Seats are available to rent at most locations, at an approximate additional cost of 10:00 Euro per day. If you wish to reserve a Child Seat, please contact your agent as this item needs to be booked in advance. Please note that it is the renter’s responsibility to securely fit the child seat(s) in the rental vehicle.

One-Way Rentals: Rentals that involve collection/return of your vehicle to two different locations may attract a one-way rental fee in most cases. This amount varies – please check with your Agent.

Extension of Rental/ Extra Days. Clients must contact the branch from which they collected the vehicle to see if extension of the rental is possible. Extensions will be charged directly to the client by the Rental Agency.

Parking Your Rental Car: Please note that overnight parking fees will apply at most hotels in larger Irish Cities.

Reduced Deductible Insurance: Great News!

For all 2015 bookings and beyond, we are pleased to offer Reduced Excess Insurance as standard.

If you have an accident in your rental car without Reduced Excess insurance (standard policy only offering a CDW):

You are liable to pay a ‘deductible’ amount towards the damage. The amount varies, depending on vehicle type. Here are the smallest and largest deductible amounts. All other vehicle types fall somewhere in between:

  • – Economy Car Deductible: E 1,600.00 euro (Approx. US$2,100.00)
  • – 8 Passenger Van Deductible: E 3,000.00 euro (Approx. US$3,900.00)

If you have an accident in your rental car with Authentic Ireland’s included Reduced Excess:

You are still liable for a variable deductible amount, but at a fraction of the values above:

  • – Economy Car Deductible: E 150.00 euro (Approx. US$200.00)
  • – 8 Passenger Van Deductible: E 250.00 euro (Approx. US$325.00)

And that’s not all – there are even more very significant benefits:

  • – When you rent a car in Ireland without Reduced Excess, not only are you potentially liable for a large damage repair bill, rental car companies will ‘pre-authorize’ the deductible amount on your credit card – just in case you do have an accident. This means that on arrival in Ireland, an authorization ‘swipe’ is taken on your card, reducing your vacation purchasing power by up to US$3900.00!! This will never be an issue with your Authentic Ireland car rental.
  • – Purchasing Reduced Excess directly from the rental agency on arrival will cost between $18.00 & $40.00 per day, depending on vehicle type. Multiply those rates by the number of days you are in Ireland, and you’re talking a very significant sum of money… It’s all included in your Authentic Ireland rental car reservation with Hertz!
  • – After a long overnight flight to Ireland, you won’t be hit with the usual rental car company ‘hard sell’ to purchase Reduced Excess at the high rates detailed above. No, it’s all included. No confusion. No stress. Just begin your perfect Ireland vacation in the best possible way, without any nasty surprises at the rental desk!
  • – Authentic Ireland is the only company offering these terms as standard to their clients. Sure, we could offer a lower price (like all our competitors), and let you deal with the rental car mess on arrival. But that’s not how we operate. We genuinely care for our clients, and want every aspect of your Ireland experience to be the best it can be. Our rental car policy is merely proof of our claim – you will not find a more customer-focused, honest Ireland tour company than Authentic Ireland!