The Heartbeat of Wonder

Close your eyes and imagine Ireland, the authentic Ireland.  Your feet start tapping to traditional music, and visions of villages come to mind.  Dublin’s Temple Bar sneaks in, and there you feel the pulse of a city that vibrates with life.  Just a short drive away and you’re discovering sites older than the pyramids, fishing villages where Irish is still spoken, and the scent of Irish whiskey is heady.  Fall into the spirit of Ireland.

The Dramatic Mysteries of Ireland

Ireland is filled with the rowdy joy of life, but she also has a mysterious side. When you discover her secrets, then you’ll truly know the authentic Ireland.  Imagine exploring a sweet valley where Neolithic Monuments, older than the Egyptian pyramids, rise up. Then see yourself in a medieval town where church spires reach heavenward and ghosts down tavern brews.

The illuminated Book of Kells, completed in 348 AD and scrolled with Celtic knots, preserved our past glories for all civilization.  Fall into their wonder. Traditional storytellers and musicians let you peek into the past, while up the Wild Atlantic Way the Cliffs of Moher ring with the powerful voice of Nature.  And you are part of it all.