Opportunity and Innovation Equals Authentic Vacations’ Success

Posted June 1, 2022

Opportunity and Innovation Equals Authentic Vacations’ Success

Simon Russell, Authentic Vacations CEO, talks about the current travel industry changes in the Travel Weekly podcast.


From crisis, opportunity can arise, and that’s what happened for Authentic Vacations. Simon Russell, CEO of Authentic Vacations, says that the old travel agency model was to work long hours and hope that 20% of their time spent converted to sales. That means 80% of an agent’s time did not lead to success. This waste is bad for the soul, and it’s bad for how a person feels about their work. We all have a need to feel successful in a way that doesn’t simply mean money. It’s about self-worth.

According to Russell, the pandemic was the perfect time to bust the old model and try something new. From this mindset, the Trip Planning App was born. Using Authentic’s unique itineraries, the app combines customization, while freeing up a travel advisor’s time. With just a $99 dollar deposit, which is fully applied to the cost of the trip and is not a service fee, window shoppers fall by the way. The client then has access to an agent to talk about their desired experiences, dates, and dreams.

Travel professionals work hard to develop their expertise. Authentic believes the Trip Planner App gives them the tool they need to maximize their efforts, while giving clients the flexibility they want. Russell says, “It is the perfect win-win situation.”