Welcome New Wonders

We want to experience sights, scents, and places that are new.  We want to disconnect, unplug, and watch brilliant stars glimmer on a backdrop of dark skies.  Let’s discover small towns with treasured friends who feel like family.  The outdoors is a sheltering, an exuberance, and a true awareness that we’re part of nature—it’s waiting for us. Being fully alive means we are explorers, and we welcome the joy of satisfying our curiosity.  Let’s go!

My Milestone Moments ® are …

A Best Friend Getaway

Your best friends might live next door or across the country.  You may have known each other since kindergarten or met at a book club.  Regardless of how you got together, you know each other’s secrets, and you’re there for each other to celebrate or commiserate.  How about being there for each other on an adventure?  It may even become a tradition.

Group 1

Escapes from Social Media

The idea of escaping social media is both a push and a pull.  We want to get outdoors and enjoy the awesome wonder of nature.  On the other hand, we’re afraid of missing something important.  Let’s be honest.  We are happiest when we’re in the moment. 

It’s time for a break.  Who knows what parts of ourselves we may recover or discover? 

Group 2

Dark Sky Preserves, Reserves, and Parks

What a glory the stars are.  Now, imagine skies that are protected from the light of cities and even the faintest glow of a neighboring town.  You can see the buckles on Orion’s belt, Venus blushing, and the North Star’s pulse. Let go, and feel yourself as part of this vast universe. You must experience this at least once.

Group 3

Charming Towns

Small-town charm is more than just an expression, it’s a reality.  Every town in America has a distinctive personality that’s been forged over time.  Towns that end where hiking trails begin are different than towns on rivers that have seen a flow of trade and cultures.  Some travelers go into rhapsodies over diners and others about local arts.  What will you find?

Group 4

Farm to Fork

Farm to fork means your food comes directly from the producers whether it’s a winery, brewery, ranch, or fishery—it’s about more than a farm.  It’s a healthy dining choice, and it supports the health of local economies.  Would you like a cooking class, using local ingredients in your dishes?  It’s yours.  This is food and drink at its finest. 

Group 5



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