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Plan Wonder Together

We travel for the joy of discovering new worlds and creating lifelong memories.  We want tastes and sights that awaken our senses.  Authentic Vacations customizes your travel to include local experiences that truly bring you into the heart of your destination.  You’re invited to explore, renew, and see the world with fresh eyes. Feel the wonder!

Tailor-Made Itinerary

Traveling is a unique experience, and we understand the intricacies of designing an itinerary that is 100% in sync with your expectations. Each of our Destination Experts has a designated region of expertise and can work with you on customizing an itinerary that meets all the requirements specified.

Unique & Boutique Accommodations

Unique accommodations are important. At Authentic Vacations, we believe that the best way to immerse yourself in local culture is to stay at one-of-a-kind properties that reflect the personality of your destination. From small guest houses and boutique hotels, to grand castles and luxury lodges, we’ve got you covered. Our personal relationships with hidden-gem hoteliers give us a wide range of opportunities to create your perfect stay.