The Explorer’s Road

Journey Along The Explorer’s Road

For two thousand years, the English have traveled a highway which connects north to south, creating the original 310-mile multi-stop touring route through the historic and cultural heart of the nation. This is a new opportunity and invitation for visitors to get to know the English by exploring their traditions and eccentricities, the much-loved countryside, and the hidden landmarks known only to local people.

From Hertford in the south, where Queen Elizabeth I spent most of her childhood, to the stunning castle and gardens at Alnwick, local stories, English icons, and immersive experiences are waiting to be discovered along all or part of this captivating route.

Explorer's Road Experiences

Houses of History

Every era of English history builds new monuments to wealth, architecture and status, be it castles that once defended the realm, or the stately homes that have come to define it. Travelling the Explorer's Road paints a vivid and awe­inspiring picture of English history, society and time with an intriguing secret hidden behind every door.

Culture & Curiosities

The English take afternoon tea and amass vast collections of everything from clocks to horseshoes. They made Robin Hood and Dick Turpin folk heroes. And they invented Earl Grey tea. Often shaped by these eccentric ancestors, The Explorer's Road is a chance to uncover the quirks and peculiarities which have sculpted England's cultural landscape.

Discovery & Adventure

There is no better way to uncover the real England than connecting with local guides and using local resources that will take you off the beaten track to reveal sites and stories that aren't on the usual tourist trail. On two feet, two wheels, in classic cars, along rivers and into the estates of the landed gentry, there are many ways to explore the country and see it from a different perspective.

From Rose to Radish

The English love to garden and to share their green-fingered creativity and passion. From the intriguing stories of eccentric owners to the impressive landscapes of grand estates cultivated by world famous horticulturalists, Rose to Radish is packed with botanical secrets to uncover and beautiful scenes to explore.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Tour England's culinary landscape, from centuries-old inns serving flagons of dark ale, to the artisan cheeses, gins and baked goods of small-scale local producers, and the outstanding young chefs redefining modern British cuisine. Discover a country with a kitchen culture as deep, varied and delicious as any gastronomic nation on earth.

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